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Webroot vs Norton 360 Antivirus – Side By Side Comparison

The 2011 version of internet security complete that is produced by Webroot contains a number of attributes. This helps to ensure safety whilst browsing on the internet. This software will keep you safe and allow you to use the internet to do business and personal activities that you wish to do on the internet. It is very easy to update files and maintain the computer system when this software is installed. When browsing on the internet the browser on the computer exchanges information via the ISP. This is required by the site. The site retains the IP address and this can put the computer at risk. The safety measures that are offered by the Webroot software will protect the computer from the threats as it will block the viruses, SPAM, and spyware. This will mean that it is very easy and enjoyable to surf the internet.

There are an increasing number of people that do their shopping on the internet, and this is why we must keep the computer system safe from any viruses. Protection for the computer system comes in the form of protection that is multi layered and has a feature that safeguards the identity of the person that is using the computer. The up to date editions of this software are able to protect the computer system through advanced encryption, and this makes it possible to browse the internet without having to worry about any spyware that could lead to theft of your identity.

Like all other antivirus software packages that are available, this package is packed full of useful features. One of the most useful features on this software is that it has an advanced feature that makes it possible to remove the spyware. This is done through the use of the spy sweeper. This antivirus software package is amongst the best packages that are available. This software combines with the protection from Sophos, which is a virus known to be very powerful. The spy sweeper feature also takes care of the other threats in terms of malware which includes pop ups, adware and rootkits.

Webroot is amongst the top antivirus software packages and this is along with Norton. Norton is a major name in the world of antiviral software, and the software that is on offer has a vast array of tools and features. This software is produced by a company that is highly respected when it comes to protecting your computer. The Norton software uses some of the most up to date features in order to determine a threat and measure the risk of the threat.

Although Norton by Symantec is one of the biggest names within this sector, there are some downsides as well. One of these is that people have had issues when it comes to using this software. One of the biggest problems is that uninstalling this software can cause major problems on the computer. There are a number of software options that do not cause this type of problem.

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